Zero Energy Products will enhance human auras, meridians and chakras.

Zero Energy Balancing devices will improve the practices of complimentary healthcare practitioners such as veterinarians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.
The ZEBs specific geometric properties harness beneficial energies which radiate and resonate with the human aura causing vibrational changes. These vibrational changes often unblock and balance meridians and chakras.

Zero Energy Balancing has much in common with Homeopathy and Reiki.
They both enhance the vibration levels of the human aura, technically called the human biofield. The chakras and acupuncture meridians are part of the human biofield and are enhanced with ZEB technology.

Anyone can use ZEB technology!
One just aims it at the human body and it does the rest. There is ZEB jewelry for 24/7 protection and well being, there is the ZEB for your water, your electrical appliances, your various pathogen energies and more.

No physical health claims of any kind are made regarding the use of the Biofield Devices. These units are strictly investigative/experimental devices and must be purchased with this understanding. Any noted physical conditions must be properly diagnosed and treated by a physician. Energy Healing Arts will not be responsible for any misuse of the Biofield Device units.



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