Dr. Estrada, Buenos Aires, Argentina - "Just in the last week, I have worked with the Bio-Plasma Device for vascular diseases. My patient with a cerebral stroke had very impaired speech. All of his words were confused and mixed. I put the device above the head, at the top. First I treated with the white end and then the black end. After the second session there was no more confused speech. Another patient had pain in her chest. I put the Bio-Plasma Device between the knees and the pain went out. A diabetic woman had neuropathy pain, without a pulse in her feet. In three sessions she had no more pain and was fully recuperated. For these cases I affirm that the Bio-Plasma Device IS WONDERFUL."

Beth, CST, RM, MFR, OH, USA: "I used the Bio-Plasma Device on a horse with a verified case of ring bone from his veterinarian and the inflammation was significantly reduced. The thermal imaging pictures showed how the Bio-Plasma Device took the inflammation away" See the thermographs here.

Lori, OH, USA. "Horses that have Insulin Resistance (IR) can develop laminitis. A 19-year old Morgan mare Annie was diagnosed with IR in December 2007. One to two months later, Annie started laying down all the time (in the 5 1 / 2 years that I have had Annie, I had seen her laying down once prior to this) and had no even to go to her feed. Friends suggested a massage from energy-bodyworker Beth, who suggested energy work instead. She balanced her energy and did cold laser therapy with the Bio-Plasma Device. Annie enjoyed that so much that she would stick her foot out towards the Bio-Plasma Device. Beth suggested I hang it in Annie's stall, which I did. Before Annie's sessions with Beth, I truly thought that I was going to lose my horse. In the last few days, Annie started to TROT circles around me. It brought tears to my eyes. 2 months ago my horse couldn't walk. I believe God has blessed Annie and me by bringing Beth and the Bio-Plasma Device into our lives."

Mary Jo, Las Vegas, Nevada - "I purchased an IR Bio-Plasma Device for myself and a Bio-Plasma Device for a friend who is a homeopath. She originally used the device to formulate remedies for her clients via imprinting water. Now she often treats clients by programming the names and potencies of remedies and adding the 56.1-66.6 homeopathic vector in the holographic window. The remedial effects have been astounding! I have completely cured a family member of bowel obstruction. Thank you for the simplicity of use for the average person and affordable prices!!!"

Beate Cornelia, Oslo, Norway - "I see-notice energy move, as if is eaten by the Bio-Plasma Device, the shape is in an uneven spiral form. I notice this when the surroundings are dark."

Fatima, Brazil - "I dropped an 80lb. object on my ankle. My foot was completely swollen and very painful. Within one week I was completely healed with no pain. I couldn’t believe it."

Shyam, India - I was working on the chakras, as I have good knowledge of the chakras, relationships and behaviour. The results were fantastic.

Kevin, OH, USA - "In the past year I had been in a bus accident and automobile accident. Both my body and energy were all out of whack. My wife was concerned about my libido not being able to keep up with her needs. I mentioned this to my energy-bodyworker, Kim who said she would try programming the Bio-Plasma Device with the circulation/sex meridian. After one session my wife was very happy that my libido was back to normal."

Jan, OH, USA - "A holistic vet who does energy work used the Bio-Plasma Device on my 17-year old Doberman who was very sick and slept almost all the time. After the vet used the Bio-Plasma Device on her, for about an hour, she played in the van all the way home and had a lot more energy for agility and playing ball and Frisbee. I use the Bio-Plasma Device to treat pain, injuries, eradicate skin parasites, and treat yeast infections."

Jason, VA, USA - "The Bio-Plasma Device has been amazing with every client. When I have used the Bio-Plasma Device most have told me they feel light like air. They can feel energy working on the area of blockage, trauma or pain. Using the Bio-Plasma Device I scan from the bottom chakra to the top chakra, inner to outer, then the left and right sides of the body. I do this 3 to 5 times. Sometimes it makes the muscles twitch as tension, pain or blockage is released in the body. Many clients have felt sleepy afterwards from being more relaxed and calm."

Therisa, UK - "I have a sensitive healer friend who could sense the 'cool breeze' energy from Bio-Plasma Device just talking to me over the phone. I told him nothing about it except that I was doing some clearing on him. I have been carrying my Bio-Plasma Device around in a cloth shoulder bag and sleeping with it. It has actually raised my vibration so to speak and I feel less negative and less affected by other people's energy."

Alicia, OH, USA - "Our dog Max was as stiff as a board and his breathing was erratic. My husband and I thought if our vet didn't work on him soon, he was going to die. Our vet did the "Meridian-Saliva Test" on our dog. She got a saliva sample and found out which meridians and pathogen energies were out of balance. She deduced the dog had food poisoning and worked on him with Bio-Plasma Device for about an hour. Afterwards, Max was a little wobbly but the work with the Bio-Plasma Device probably saved his life."

Beth, OH, USA - "My filly horse went through the fence. Initially she had swelling for a week, then it broke open and she had a big gaping hole in her chest about the size of a football. I called the vet but I did Bio-Plasma Balancing Device work on it as well. In 14 days her wound went to one third of its original size. I really think the energy work of using the Bio-Plasma Devcie on her was significant in reducing the healing time. The vet said this injury would take about 6 months to be completely filled in with scar tissue and closed. In two months it was completely healed. I cannot get over what I see when I use this tool whether it's with animals or humans. It's absolutely amazing."

Annetta, CA, USA - "My cat blew her knee out. For a cat that's unheard of. She had to have prosthetic tendons. Her whole leg was mahogany colored. She had a big infection of staph and you could see the pus building underneath. In about 3 days, with Bio-Plasma Device use, she got her stitches out early. All the swelling and mahogany color dissipated. The only downside was she was supposed to stay off her leg and she was healing so fast she wouldn't. We had to back the Bio-Plasma Device off. It healed really fast. It healed 4 or 5 times faster than what they told us."

Cliff, Mansfield, Ohio - "I had woman come in to my clinic whose son raised goats. Her son had a national champion goat that was getting a little older and completely losing interest in girl goats. I recommended she use ZEB on her son's goat and program it with the circulation-sex meridian, ring frequency 11. She used the ZEB on the goat and then when she started to leave the goat started screaming and hollering. As soon as she brought the ZEB back, the goat stopped yelling. She'd leave and the goat would start hollering again. She'd come back with ZEB and the goat would stop yelling. So she hung the ZEB up above his back and left. The goat would move his body to wear it felt energizing underneath the ZEB. A month later he was scheduled to go to an artificial insemination place. When he went there, the goat did 100 stud samples whereas the year before he only did 50 samples. As a result her son was able to get $500 stud service fees for each stud sample."

Dr. Jerry, D.C., Newark, OH: "Very simply put I have in my service case an activator and my Bio-Plasma unit. What else do I need? Nothing!"

Dr. Charles, D.C., Ft. Myers, FL: "All my patients noticed the difference my Bio-Plasma Devcie makes. They all say, It makes me feel much better. I love it."

Tori, LMT, Portolla Valley, CA: "The Bio-Plasma Device is a laying-on-hands simulator. It is definitely 21st century technology. I would never leave home without it. I have used it for my family and my patients."

Marilyn, Foot Reflexologist, Mansfield, OH: "My husband became almost completely immobile due to severe low back and hip joint degenerative arthritis coupled with severe pain. His only option left was epidural injections to reduce pain. The low-level Infrared Bio-Plasma unit made the difference. His pain is now manageable and his is again functional."

Pat M.T., Circleville OH - "I had a client with a broken ankle and impaired circulation due to other issues. The foot was doing good except for pain. The ZEB completely left the ankle pain-free. Many times I use the Bio-Plasma Device on clients and don’t hear anything from them right away and then about 6 months later I hear, Oh yeah, the pain is gone."

Nancy, Mansfield, OH - "The doctor said I had a cyst in my right breast. My massage therapist used the Bio-Plasma Device on me. I went back to the doctor three months later and he said my cyst was gone."

Sonja, Bermuda. "My girlfriend had Corporal Tunnel Syndrome in her left hand. She could not raise her right arm above her head because it was painful. When I finished working on her she said she did not have any pain. A week later she said 'thanks for the healing because the swelling went down and she still had no pain.' She was able to resume working with her jewelry, as she could not do it while her hand was painful."