Massive sub-surface temperature anomalies in the Earth’s oceans. (Courtesy NOAA)

Massive sub-surface heating of the Earth’s oceans is now occurring.

Solar radiation is by no means strong enough to cause this heating, as these temperature anomalies emerge deep beneath the surface of the oceans. This suggests that the oceans are being heated from within the earth itself. A Russian scientist, Dr. Dmitriev has shown that the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field rises up and down in direct synchronization with these temperature changes in the ocean. Furthermore, there is a 0.22 degrees C change in worldwide temperatures over the course of 30 days that correlates precisely with changes in the middle frequency of Earth’s magnetic field. Hence, the Earth’s core of luminous, magnetized plasma is directly responsible for these changes. As the pressure of the plasma suddenly increases, there is a surge in the strength of its magnetic field and a rise in its thermal level, rising the ocean temperatures.

This increasing heat energy of the Earth’s core can also be seen in the rapid melting of our polar icecaps. The Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica, which is as large as the state of Rhode Island, fully broke off and dropped into the ocean in the year 2000, as have several others in the last decade. This process has greatly accelerated in speed throughout 2002, with three gigantic chunks breaking away from the continent in only a few months of time, the two most recent being named C-18 and C-19.