Zero Energy Balance Sleepmate

Who Benefits?

The Sleep Mate can benefit just about anyone! It makes a great gift for your friends, family and pets too. For this price you won't find any biofield healing product that even comes close in comparison.

Next to pollen, mites are the second largest cause of allergies and asthma. The Sleep Mate will clear the mite energies and other pathogen energies as you sleep. The energies from the Sleep Mate also induce REM energy frequencies and break up energy blockages. Sleep more peacefully with the Sleepmate.

Sleep Mate with Cover

Programmable Sleepmate

Just for you! Send us a digital picture and we will program a Sleepmate that provides you with the energy balancing you need. This product is great for individuals who have long-term un-wellness. After we get your order we will email you to get your picture or you can email us your picture from the "Contacts" page. We will test your energy using our "Meridian Analysis" method. We then use those results to program an energy balancing Sleepmate just for you. This makes it a no-brainer energy balancing method for you.

Programmable Sleepmate with Cover
Price $150.00