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The principles of Quantum Entropy Logic-NLS developed by modern day Russian scientists reveal that biological structures have a bioenergy field that includes magnetic vortex oscillations recorded on a matrix. Pathological biological processes have associated unstable magnetic vortex states (meta states). These same Russian scientists developed the technology to isolate and record the unstable magnetic vortex states associated with the corresponding biological processes. Vector-NLS is the most advanced Quantum Bioresonance Analysis and Therapy technology available today.

Assessment of the body is due to resonant amplification of the magnetic vortex states. Each organ has a specific, frequency range of magnetic vortex states, which are displayed in chart form. Any biological process, whether healthy or pathological has very specific magnetic vortex oscillations. These are stored in the computer memory and take into account the severity, age, gender and other characteristics of the subjects.

The Vector NLS technology is classified as biofeedback technology. Data is collected by resonance amplification of the magnetic vortex states of the entire biofield matrix by using trigger sensors. By using a computer driven instrument in a safe, noninvasive, painless and effective way, information about the entire biofield matrix is displayed down to the level of the chromosome biofield.

The patient sits in front of the computer monitor and wears headphones for 15-30 minutes. During this time there is a collection of information about the state of his/her biofield. After this, various analyses are performed and summaries are displayed reflecting the energetic health of the patient. Color icons show various degrees of unstable magnetic vortex states displayed on the computer screens virtual model.
The holistic professional compares the computer displays to the similarity of the reference biofield processes (healthy biofield, altered tissue biofield, infectious agent's biofield) and identifies the closest emerging biofield process or tendency.

At Energy Healing Arts we are dedicated to helping people restore their health, and prevent unnecessary degeneration, through the most advanced technology today. With a list of over 1000 biofield anatomy parts, detailed descriptions of every pathological biofield process, virus and bacteria biofields, suggested herb biofields, remedy preparation tool, Meta-therapy, and many other parts, the Vector NLS is simply amazing in its accuracy and detail.

The ultimate goal will be to help you increase relaxation, relieve pain, increase cellular health and develop healthier, more comfortable life patterns while enhancing your biofield matrix. The changes and possibilities will be up to you and your practitioner.


Theoretical and experimental development of this technology started in the late 19th century by a man named Nikola Tesla. It was further studied by scientist J. Lakhovsky, who experimented with RF effects on animals and plants. Later, the American researcher R. Rife studied the effects of radio frequencies on humans. His analysis is included in the software of the Vector NLS systems.

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The first biofield detection devices used manual data entry and manual detection. The biofield matrix detection actively involved the operator whose brain through the use of low-frequency vibrations was tuned into and resonant with the biofield magnetic vortex states of the patient. In other words, the operator's energetic state was coherently synchronous with the patients and had a sensing-amplifying effect. Original results were reported by the deviation of the L-shaped frame in the hand of the operator on a special Fleyndera scale (this scale is tied into the analysis software of the current Vector Non-Linear System).

However, this method of biofield matrix detection was too subjective. This eventually led to the creation of the first electronic L-shaped frames called trigger sensors. Trigger sensors automatically sense the magnetic vortex states (biofield matrix information) of the patient. Developers fed these signals into a computer database until over 100,000 patients with over 1000 health processes had been analyzed and stored in the database. Distant biofield matrix detection experiments were carried out by VN Kravkov in the 20th century. Under the guidance of Prof. B. Togatova, biofield matrix detection experiments were also carried out on various semiconductor structures.

The NLS method of analysis was developed at the Russian Institute of Practical Psychophysics. Every organ and every cell has associated with it a biofield magnetic vortex state which is stored in the computer memory and can be displayed on the computer screen as a graph. These graphs represent the conditions of information exchange between the organ biofield and the environment. Every pathological process with distinctive age and sex has its own distinctive biofield graph stored in the computer memory. After reading the biofield frequency characteristics of a patient, the system compares the degree of their spectral similarity with biofields of healthy and pathologically affected subjects, or the biofields of infection agents, to obtain the closest biofield process or tendency. The culmination of all of this science led to the Vector NLS. The Vector is capable of detecting the biofield frequencies without human intervention, as well as, balancing the biofield imbalances.


The Foundation of Quantum Entropy Logic Theory (Theodore Van Hoven, Nobel laureate and SP Nesterov) celebrated their 30 year anniversary in 2010. These are the scientists that ultimately developed the underlying theoretical framework and analysis methods used in quantum non-linear systems.

The operation principles of the Vector NLS system which belong to the biofeedback and "brain machines" class are based on fundamentals of Nesterov - Van Hoven quantum entropy logic theory.

According to quantum entropy logic theory informational exchange between systems is carried out distantly, associatively and selectively due to the quantum (biofields) magnetic vortex states having energy equal to the energy of a system's elementary structure with destruction. Since E=MC2, if M is destroyed, it is converted to E. This E is the Entropy (disorder). Principles of entropy logic theory were confirmed in physical systems during informational exchange, where unstable magnetic vortex states developed when the possibility of their physical destruction was greatly increased.

Intensity of informational exchange between two exchanging systems A and B is increased when form of one of these systems is destroyed. So in health, when parts of the physical system are degenerating, being attacked by micro-organisms or dying is some way, their Entropy is increased and so are their associated unstable quantum (biofield) magnetic vortex states. The strength of any system is equal to amount of contained information in it. That is why destruction of one system's (A) form with parallel information transferring to another system (B) represents information conservation law postulated by quantum entropy logic theory.

Entropy logic theory states that these are physically true only in cases where A and B systems are quantum and the aggregate of A and B can be described by one condition.  This provides the presence of initially existing informational exchange preceding destruction of one system's structures which within the context of entropy logic ties both parts together in single quantum system, because in corresponds to the Einstein - Podolsky - Rosen effect. So as an individual is both physical=A and it's biofield=B (the quantum part,) together they form an aggregate that is one condition.

Quantum entropy logic theory allows us to clarify many details of fundamental psychophysical mechanisms which are used in long-range information transfer between two spatially diverse objects. The theory reveals mechanisms for forming associations, information selectivity and other exotic information transfer mechanisms.

The system operates on the basic principle of initiating signal amplification at the destruction of metastable structures. Where the physical structures are degenerative, the biofield is weaker. Under the influence of external electromagnetic fields of the headsets, the magnetic vortex states (moments) of the biofield associated with the molecular currents of the brain neurocytes lose their pristine orientation. This is equivalent to " disorder of the spin frames of the delocalized electrons present in the degenerating physical structures , which is the reason of occurrence therein of unstable magnetic vortex states. Disintegration plays the role of the amplifier in the initiated signal. From the physical point of view the system represents a system of magnetic oscillators (cadistors), resonating at a particular wavelength which energy is equal to the energy of destruction of the predominant biological links supporting the structural architecture of the examined organism. The information about a particular condition of a biological objects biofield is read non-invasively by a digital trigger sensor. Modern information technologies and microcircuitry detect the weak fluctuations of the signals, emanating out of the average statistical noise characteristics of the fields, and convert them into a digitally into the computer.

If, being based on the quantum chromokinetics rules, you present the entropy values of any system as colors of a spectrum, such colors will vary from light yellow (at minimum entropy values) through orange to red and purple, almost black (at maximum entropy values). Finer theoretical calculations performed by computer, allow signaling out a number of stationary conditions corresponding to certain entropy potentials, selectively interacting with the emission spectrum.

By comparing the color gamma of the icons and their location on the organ computer model, and also their time change dynamics, one can judge the processes of biofield weakening and the associated destruction of biological structures in stability time forecasts.

Each cell has its own energy of destruction typical for certain intercellular molecular linkages. By changing characteristics of the NLS cadistor radiation, one can cause destruction of intercellular structures links (and related spin orientations of bio-molecular combinations) of any cells of organism tissues.

It is natural that the more unstable and correspondingly more damaged condition the tissues have, the more pronounced the response will be according to quantum entropy logic theory.

At the same time scanning frequencies will coordinate position of response which together with value of response will draw general geometry of accumulated damages in an organism. As soon as response is located by operation of psychophysical phenomena, we additionally introduce a number of physical forces activating brain functions of investigated persons, and also adjust it resonantly (visualization of located organs on a screen of a computer, using the association principle).


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