Meridian Tester

                            * Test meridian and pathogen biofield imbalances
                            * Easily analyze programmed crystal
                            * 2 minute test duration

Meridian Analysis Method
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Meridian Tester

We Do Energy Analysis &/or Energy Balancing For You!

Just email us a digital picture of the person you would like us to do an "Energy Analysis" on and we will email you the results. You can email us at with your attached photograph. You can then use these results to program your device or we can do long-distance energy balancing on the person for you for $50.00. Call us if you would like more information about this service.
Energy Analysis
Price $25.00

Energy Balancing
Price $50.00


                            * Programming Frequencies
                            * Frequencies of Pathogens
                            * Meridian Frequency Analysis Method
                            * Frequencies for Anatomy and Dysfunction
                            * Radionics, Rife and Clark Frequencies
                            * Many More Frequencies...


Programmable Sleepmate

Just for you! Send us a digital picture and we will program a Sleepmate that provides you with the energy balancing you need. This product is great for individuals who have long-term un-wellness. After we get your order we will email you to get your picture or you can email us your picture from the "Contacts" page. We will test your energy using our "Meridian Analysis" method. We then use those results to program an energy balancing Sleepmate just for you. This makes it a no-brainer energy balancing method for you.

Programmable Sleepmate with Cover
Price $150.00