Energy Healing Arts - An Overview

Kim Fortier’s creativity showcases the energy healing arts along with Cliff Stumbaughs’ Eyelight Spectrum Products. The website reveals intuitive knowledge in a way that educates the novice mind, withstands the skepticism of the scientific mind and also inspires the artistic mind. The website has 3 main sections: “Ancient Healing Arts,” “Zero Energy,” and “Zero Energy Products.” The mission of our business is to help people find complementary energy healing methods and techniques.

The “Ancient Healing Arts” section describes energy-bodywork techniques and philosophies practiced for thousands of years, all around the world. Most ancient cultures healing arts originate from ancient wisdom with the common goal of healing the human aura or “spirit”. Cliff and Kim’s healing arts include biofield resonance therapy, cranial sacral work, muscle testing, radionics, pranic healing and nutrition coaching for those seeking energy-bodywork.

The “Zero Energy” section demonstrates the science of the human aura for those interested in the biological or physical sciences. The pictures in the “Zero Energy” section are engaging and tell a story of their own. Inspiration for this section began during Kim’s college years when she was studying Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. The human aura was never mentioned, yet she could sense the healing and magnetic qualities of the human biofield. Cliff crystallized this knowledge for Kim and the presented results reveal the human enlightenment process and related Mayan prophesies. Quantum-gravitational physics is presented too.

Cliffs’ “Zero Energy Products” section has powerful, energy enhancing devices. These zero energy balancing (ZEB) devices can make everyone healthier, clearer and more vibrant. Cliff Stumbaugh is the uniquely gifted genius and inventor of these products. His early experiments with pyramids in the 1970’s paved the way for an understanding of these “energy conversion devices.” This unseen and barely felt energy can be used to help people. ZEB devices will benefit the work of holistic physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, veterinarians, massage therapists and energy-bodyworkers, to amplify and deepen their practice.