Are Enormous Energy Changes Occurring in Our Consciousness as well as Our Solar System?

What is a multi-dimensional doorway?

What Is Mayan Cosmogenesis that End-Begins in 2012?

Is a World Shift Really Occuring Today that is Causing Changes in Our Solar System?

Venus is now glowing in the dark.

The icecaps of Mars noticeably melted just within one year...

The size of Jupiter’s magnetic field has more than doubled since 1992.

Saturn’s polar regions have been noticeably brightening...

Neptune has become 40 percent brighter in infrared...

What Significant Changes Have Occurred in the Heliosphere, Solar Wind and Bow Shock Region?

What is All this Space Within the Heliosphere Filled Up With?

Are These Changes Affecting Earth as Well?

What Is the Scientific Explanation of These Earth Changes?

...these temperature anomalies emerge deep beneath the surface of the oceans.

May this Galactic Alignment Signal a New World Era?

In Summary