JAPAN - Barefoot Shiatsu


Barefoot shiatsu, also called “ashiatsu” is an ancient form of bodywork originating from Buddhist monks, originally from China and later from Thailand and Japan. The form of Barefoot Shiatsu used in “Energy-Healing Arts” originates in Japan from the linage of Shizuko Yamamoto through Patrick McCarty, Edward Spencer and then Kim Fortier . It is a time-tested treatment style of using both hands and feet to create a sense of deep relaxation and powerful movement of internal energy, Qi. This process removes any Qi imbalances, blockages or deficiencies — which tend to manifest in health or emotional problems. Like Thai massage it is practiced on the floor on a mat or futon.

Shiatsu harmonizes the flow of yin-yang energy throughout the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Stimulating the body’s energy will help one’s immune system and enhance one’s natural ability to heal themselves.