EARTH - Dolphins, Holographic Healers

Dolphins heal on all levels, mind, body and spirit. Many Dolphin Assisted Therapists have experienced a strong connection and telepathic communication with dolphins. Patricia Saint-John met the dolphins and had deep telepathic experiences with them. She found that by being in the state of mind she had with the dolphins she was able to telepathically contact autistic children and had much success in improving their functioning and communication. Michael Hyson, Ph.D, was once swimming with Liberty Dolphin in Florida. In the murky water he accidentally jammed his elbow into Liberty’s blowhole area. The dolphin came around in front of Michael and at about 2 1/2 feet from his chest began to put out a high intensity, fairly low frequency sound, probably less than a 1000Hz. First, at low power, he could feel the water vibrate. Then Liberty’s power increased and he felt the water in front of his chest get warmer. Then, Liberty increased power again and he felt his chest wall get warm. Then he changed frequency and soon, all Michael’s chest hairs were vibrating - even in the water, so strongly that his whole chest tickled with an intense buzz. Liberty stopped his sounds at this point. Michael had the distinct impression that he was just showing me part of what he could do, something like: "This is just a demonstration, I could do a lot more, I'm just warming up."

EEG’s of the human subjects reduced in frequency and increased in power after swimming with free dolphins. All systems have natural frequencies at which they prefer to vibrate. An external energy of the proper frequency and with the proper timing or phase near a system’s natural frequency will cause the system to vibrate with or resonate with the external energy.