EMF Protection Jewelry Keeps Your Tissues Cooler and Healthier!

Children Are at Higher Risk of EMF Damage than Adults

EMF Shield Pendants

Amethyst Pendant
Price $40.00
Tiger Eye Pendant
Price $40.00
Rose Quartz Pendant
Price $40.00
Agate Pendant
Price $40.00

Hematite Turtle
Price $40.00
Star Pendant/Keychain
Price $40.00
Vortex Helix Chip
Price $25.00
EMF Protection Patch
Price $15.00

EMF Protector ZEB

EMF Protector ZEB

Price $25.00

               * Microwave food taste like conventionally cooked food
               * Higher resistance to stress and illness
               * Less headaches and muscle tightness with computer use
               * Increased energy and endurance
               * More peacefulness and calm
               * Reduce auric energy field noise
               * Two units needed per household

How Does the EMF Protection ZEB Work

When your aura or biofield becomes polarized or locked, energy flow is impaired. Any man-made electrical energy has locked or polarized plasma cells (zero energy) which can then lock up parts of your biofield. The EMF Protection ZEB is able to unlock, de-polarize the plasma cells from electrical energy and free your biofield flow in the process.

EMF Waves: Figure 1 shows an EMF Vector wave and Figure 2 shows an EMF Vector wave with it’s plasma cells. Electrical energy from your outlets has energy which vibrates at 60Hertz or 60 times a second. These electrical vibrations create locked, polarized 2-D plasma cells as shown below in Figure 2.

Figure 1 - Maxwell's EM Vector. No Plasma Cell Shown

Figure 2 - EM Vector with Polarized 2-D Plasma Cell

A Plasma Cell is Normally an Un polarized 3-D Spherical Standing Wave, a Scalar

Figure 3 – Shows How unpolarized 3-D Scalars Become Polarized 2-D EM Vectors. Likewise unpolarized 3-D Plasma Cells become polarized 2-D Plasma Cells when generated with EM Vectors.

Figure 4 - Here Opposite Phased EM Vectors Cancel and Leave Vibrating, Rotating 3-D Plasma Cells. Plasma Cells Not Shown.

This is how the EMF Protection ZEB works. The Bio-Plasma Device creates and joins opposite phased EM vectors to the EM vectors of your house or business. This causes the original 2-D plasma cell-EM vector to de-polarize and become a vibrating or rotating 3-D plasma cell.

EMF Protection ZEB
Price $25.00