Crystal Chakra Wand

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Crystal Chakra Wand

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Crystal Chakra Wand

                                *Simulates laying on of hands
                                *Amplifies crystal energy
                                *7 crystals in Chakra Kit
                                *Clears aura, chakras and meridians
                                *Just aim and it does the work for you
                                *Breaks down energy blockages
                                *Dissolves energy blockages
                                *Great for meditation and spiritual awareness
                                *Improves animal agility
                                *Balances pathogen biofield energies

Crystal Chakra Wand is generally used for:

1. Amplifying crystal energies for biofield balancing and transformation.
2. Preventing and clearing pathogen energies such as viruses, bacteria, etc.
3. Breaking up energy blockages and balancing the bodies’ biofield energy systems.
4. Performing biofield resonance therapy for experimental purposes.

Crystal Chakra Wand is easy to use:

1. Normal usage is to position the Crystal Energy Wand over a chakra, meridian line or problem areas and either hold the unit stationary or perform a sweeping pattern.
2. Daily or client energy balancing can easily be accomplished by placing the Crystal Energy Wand between the recipient’s ankles while lying down. The Crystal Energy Wand will do the rest. More focused work can be performed by placing the hands on specific parts of the body which will draw Crystal Energy ’s energy to that area specifically.

Crystal Chakra Wand is completely programmable. (7 crystals included)

A long list of pathogen related imbalances can be programmed into the Crystal Chakra Wand Device for performing energy work on the pathogen biofields.

Use Crystal Chakra Wand to perform energy work on a long list of energy imbalances
* Biofield detoxification
* De-stress emotionally and mentally
* Frequencies for tissue and organ regeneration
* Biofield imbalances caused by musculoskeletal pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, TMJ etc
* Boosting the immune system biofield
* Anti-aging and rejuvenation enhancement

Changes related energy imbalances should be noticed within one to three sessions. Crystal Chakra Wand’s biofield energy properties conform to alternative therapy methods as published in “U.S. Gov. Pub. of Alternative Medicine,” ISBN0-16-145479-4, 1994 edition.

Scientific Studies:

No medical or scientific claims are made regarding Infrared Crystal Chakra Wand’s capabilities. This technology is for experimental purposes only. For more information on scientific studies see the scientific studies section of this website. If you have a disease or medical condition, please contact your primary-care physician. Do not attempt to treat any disease with Crystal Chakra Wand without direct supervision of a physician.


Crystal Chakra Wand comes complete with an owner’s manual, operating instructions and related accessories.

Training is available to assist you with Crystal Chakra Wand’s operating functions and capabilities through periodic Crystal Chakra Wand users seminars.

Crystal Chakra Wand

Price $250.00