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Welcome to Energy Healing Arts!

The Raven spirit devours the darkness and waste to reveal the light within you. Energy Healing Artís mission is to facilitate Wellness, Transformation and Spiritual Awakening. Energy and light is the key. We prepare you to be on the forefront of advancing energy balancing modalities and technologies.

The Ancient Masters originally developed this science and technology, just as they Created the Cosmos. Our devices combine several emerging technologies: Plasma, Scalar-Wave, PEMF, Biophoton and Cold Laser. Bio-Plasma Balancing Devices enhance your co-creative powers, balance out your biofield and acupuncture meridians, re-vitalize your blood, structure your drinking water, stimulate lymphatic systems and circulation, relieve symptoms of inflammation and improve longevity.

Live Blood Analysis - Inflammation Thermograph - Vortex Helix Water NMR Test
EMF Acupoint Test - Gamma Radiation Test